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The recruitment process is completed entirely under direction from the customer and the selection criteria. No recommendation is accepted for any appointment. The interviews and selections are generally done by the clients’ officials who are provided with all the necessary facilities and assistance by our organization.

 Following are the steps we complete for recruitment.

Receiving the demand from the clients with professions and experience of the required staff.
Obtaining the permission from the immigration and advertise the required positions and their qualifications.
Receiving and short listing the CV’s
Calling the shortlisted candidates for interview and selection.
Medical Examination
Finalizing the selection as per the client’s requirements or arranging the interview and selection of the candidates by the company representative.
Insured & Register Emigrate under the( Government Act 1979) from the protector of emigration
Trade test
Visa Stamping

Medical Test

The entire selected are subjected to pass and medical test from any medical center approved by the respective county.


On receipt of your requirement, we take permission from protector of Emigrants to avoid every possible in the discrepancy.

Trade Tests

All the skilled and semi candidates are sent for trade-test in the presence of the company representative or our qualified staff. The candidates with at least 75% marks are considered to be fit for work.

Introduction To Working Conditions

In order to update the personnel about working conditions, rules and regulations, climate, Law, and jurisdiction of the country, we arrange exclusive and special sessions for the candidates. Lectures and important notes are delivered and the information is offered through our audio/visual Library.

visa Stamping

After completing the related formalities, the passports of the candidates are submitted in the embassy of the country for visa stamping.


After receiving the passports from the Protector of Emigration, we arrange the immediate deployment of the candidates. The information about the workers’ booking and arrival is given to the company in advance i.e. at least 5 days before their arrival.


The Government has laid down certain rules under the Immigration Act of 1979 for manpower recruitment agencies. Follow the Immigration rules 1979 we submit passport in the Protector of Emigration for Complete the process of State life Insurance & Registration of Emigrant.

Lastly, we assure our valuable clients to provide the best possible professional services and have long lasting business relations with them.